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Outpouring Goes Digital & Weekly!

  • 2/22/2020

    Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with the saying; “change is the only constant in life.”  Not sure if he said that as a positive, negative, or just simply a fact of life.  Whatever his viewpoint, he is not on our “new” newsletter format mailing list.   But if he were he would probably say: “yep, I told you so.”  

    The Outpouring (the official newsletter of Santa Rosa Seventh-day Adventist Church) has been a monthly constant in church members mailboxes for many years.  That is due to the dedication and passion of its editor Kathie Morgan.   While there have been a variety of contributors to the newsletter, Kathie, motivated by a desire to keep our church family connected by sharing stories and events among our membership, has been the driving force behind its production.  We cannot thank her enough for the dedication, consistency, and servant heart she has shown in her leadership of this important ministry for our church.  We are very excited that she will continue to cover church events and write for our newsletter in its new format.  

    Yes, you heard the word “new”.  Which proves good ol’ Heraclitus right.  In the current media and distribution of information environment we are changing to a digital format.  This will help us include media options and links along with continued stories of our church members and the community. You will be receiving the Outpouring weekly in your email with new and current articles and relevant information for that week.   Jim Corwonski will be taking the lead as the editor with articles submitted by a variety of writers.

    Our desire is continue the vision that Kathie modeled through connecting and bringing our church family closer together through the sharing of stories and shared experiences in our community.   Please feel free to share this new format with others and write suggestions for articles and possible submission of articles. 


  • New Sermon Series Begins this Sabbath

    This Sabbath I will be starting a new three-week series called “X-Factor”.  It will be anchored in the text of 1 Peter 3 and will expand on Peter’s call that we “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have”.  If you have ever felt challenged, uncertain, nervous, or frustrated about sharing the gospel with someone else this series will talk us through ways to ease the anxiety by simplifying what it means to be the “X-Factor”.