Adult Sabbath Schools- Saturdays at 10AM

We have a variety of adult Bible studies and classes on Saturday mornings, as we continue to discover the character of God that is revealed in Scripture, and in our lives. There are several different study groups, gatherings, and activities that take place during the week as well.  Scroll down below to find the growing list of opportunities and events that our ministries support here in Santa Rosa.

Ministries During the Week

  • Men's Ministry Group- Gets together every other Tuesday at 7PM in the Santa Rosa Adventist Church lobby. Contact Phil Catalon (707.304.3648)  for meeting confirmation and topics.
  • Friday Night Bible Study- Meets on Friday evenings at various homes. Each week begins with a potluck dinner, followed by singing, prayer, and Bible study until 9PM. Contact Marc Selivanoff (707.292.6543) or Julie Fitzgerald (707.478.6163) for further details.