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  • 5/2/2020

    The Outpouring

    Volume 011 / 05.01.2020

    Stay Connected

    • Many of you received notification last week that we have finally gotten some material up for our kids! Thanks, Glenda and everyone who is contributing. You can visit any time, and it is designed to be pretty self-steering for all but the youngest of our children.  Just visit the church website and click the For Kids tab, or follow this link: http://santarosasda.com/for-kids.
    • Sabbath School Class links:
    • Sabbath Worship – Saturday @ 11:15 am
      Facebook Live. Watch your email and Facebook for a link.
    • Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer – Wednesday, 6:30 – 8 pm (drop in when you can)
      Dial in: 669 900 6833, Meeting ID: 379 672 310
    • Devotionals by Don – throughout the week
      Check the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sradventistchurch/
    • If you need something, please reach out to the church.  Here is a form which you can fill out if you need assistance, prayer, or just some human contact.

    Reaching Out and Reaching In

    How can I help? What can I do? These are questions that many of us ask regularly. In these current times, it has been even more challenging than usual to find ways to help people both in the church and in the community.  This week, we’re highlighting just a few ways that people have found to reach inward to fellow church members and outward to some others who are constantly serving others.

    Need a Mask?

    Anna Goodwin spent several hours in the church parking lot Tuesday handing out masks that she made. She says that she looked up how to make them on YouTube and picked a design that includes a pocket for a filter. Now that she has the hang of it, it takes her twenty minutes or so to put a mask together (down from about three hours for the first couple). The paw print pattern was a much bigger hit than Anna anticipated. She says she’ll have to find more of that fabric.

    If you need a mask, Anna has more; and as mentioned in last week’s Outpouring, Sarah Smith has made plenty, as well.  Reach out to them or the church and we’ll get you one.

    Showing Some Appreciation

    Thursday, Pastor Don and Phil Catalon delivered Ike’s sandwiches to the Santa Rosa police department. Don says that he and Phil were sitting and talking, wondering how we could support our men-in-blue, and they came up with the idea. Phil admits that it wasn’t his idea, originally. Another church had done something similar. But the men decided to step it up a notch. Phil took orders for thirty-eight sandwiches and delivered them, along with the obligatory caramel apple pops. The officers were excited and grateful. Said one, it was “a real moral booster that doesn’t happen very often.”

    Pictured below are Officer Mike Mieger and Pastor Don Smith.

    Educators in Action

    (The following stories are excerpted from the weekly NCC SDA newsletter, “Northern Lights.” You can subscribe to the newsletter here.)

    Rio Lindo Adventist Academy

    Science teacher Denise Tonn has been working hard to provide her students with fun and accessible learning opportunities. “We want to be sensitive to the fact that every student is in a different state of mind and situation at home,” she said.

    Before the students left campus, Tonn prepared supply kits for them so they could do experiments at home. Some of their projects have included:

    • Anatomy & physiology students designed and built working models of lungs (see picture). They then met online with Redwood Adventist Academy third and fourth graders, teaching them how lungs work and helping them build their own models.
    • Biology students used kit supplies plus household items to build working models of a cell membrane, which they demonstrated for their classmates.
    • Chemistry students did a culinary project: researching chemical reactions that happen during cooking, planning a menu using those reactions, preparing the meal, and reporting on it. One student made homemade cheese using vegan rennet, while another made gnocchi from scratch. Tonn was impressed by their efforts. “They took it to a deeper level than I had required,” she said.  
    • Tonn challenged all Rio students to a plant identifying contest, using the Seek app by iNaturalist. Sophomore Landon Chamberlain won the first-place prize, finding 419 species of plants near his home.    

    Redwood Adventist Academy

    As California transitioned to home-education, RAA bought a green screen and an iPad stand. A school parent helped set up the equipment and train the teachers. 

    Kindergarten teacher Steve VandeVere uses the technology to grab the attention of his young students. “It has taken some trial and error, but the videos have been lots of fun to make,” he said. “Sometimes the students think I am actually with the animals or in the different places that are shown. It helps them remember the content, and they are always excited to do their school work for the day.” Watch VandeVere teach a Bible lesson.

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